2022 New Year Message from Kimberly Cole: A Reflection and Renewed Commitment

2022 New Year Message from Kimberly Cole: A Reflection and Renewed Commitment

Kimberly Cole Signature Gifts, LLC on Jan 24th 2022

As I began my planning for 2022. I began to reflect on the last two years... how could I not? It brought me to the fact that life is truly short. From that perspective, I began to think about what I wanted our gifts to mean. How do I want the recipients to feel? How do I want the gift givers to feel? What experience do I want to deliver? That brought me to the decision to bring our clients gifts that will uplift, inspire, motivate and over all deliver warm and fuzzy experiences. Afterall, when our clients send gifts, that is the goal. They want to show genuine appreciation, comfort when needed, congratulatory pats on the back and more. I want to help our clients establish, build and maintain relationships that truly will make the recipient feel a part of your team and make doing business with our clients easy, memorable and an overall feeling of doing business with you "the right choice". We want to see our clients succeed!

We are also creating the same warm and fuzzies for personal gifting needs as well. Don't worry, we will have something for you too! This also led me to think about purpose. What purpose does Kimberly Cole Signature Gifts serve? This boils down to the Golden Rule, of doing unto others as we would have them to do unto you. We have decided to get back to the basics with a modern flair! We will incorporate what we would like from a gifting company from our customer's perspective.

So, we are happy to announce that Kimberly Cole Signature Gifts will bring you 50 new gifts in 2022 to create such experiences. You will see more gifts of thanks, comfort, faith-based and fun. Our goal is to make them feel good and you look good. Each gift we add to our product line will go through a new brainstorming process of really digging in and thinking about what the recipient is feeling during a particular time and from that think about what they would like. This is not totally new to Kimberly Cole Signature Gifts... but we will work even harder to accomplish this in the new year and years to come. Stay tuned... we will show you more insight into how we operate, what we are working on and how we create. We vow to bring you more!

Here's what we are thinking:

  • 50 new designs throughout 2022
  • Addition of a new sister company--- we can't wait to tell you more!
  • More customization and personalization INCLUDED with gifts
  • Lower minimums and multiple price points
  • Sourcing with 90% small business vendors used in our gifts
  • Premium products and components used in our gifts
  • Easier ways to shop with us with our "shop where you are" initiative
  • Hiring a new marketing team to communicate with you more
  • Help bring you ideas to help increase your bottom line all through gift giving
  • Sustainable packaging
  • More individual communication with you to offer you what you need
  • Adding more time in YOUR schedule with more automation to help you stay in front of your customers with ease... a set it and forget it type of idea
  • Fresh content across all of our platforms from social to website to your inbox and mailbox--- just a little something to keep you excited and us on our toes
  • Private shopping pages for our clients to easily order gifts tailored for you! One size does not fit all.
  • Provide you with FREE tools to continue our commitment to helping you to do business easier and more efficient
  • Ways to show our appreciation through our Loyalty program (it's going to be good!)
  • A robust referral program
  • Programs to help you get in front of your clients and stay top of mind every month
  • Community Outreach programs... you will see us supporting the community!
  • Continued Education in an effort to serve you better
  • The launch of a NEW Magazine all with you in mind and to help you grow your relationships
  • And more

We are committed to you, our customer. We are more than a gifting company...we are an extension of your marketing team. We will bring you with us every step of the way.

We are in this to see you WIN! Join forces with a woman-owned, minority- owned  business and let's make 2022 the best year we have seen in a long time.

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Not a client yet? Come on over... I can assure you that you will get a level of service that you can ONLY get from our smallER business. And just in case you are wondering... don't get the wrong idea... because we ARE smallER we can deliver more, while having the capabilities to create 1 gift or thousands of gifts for your company year round... gifting does not end on December 31st. Let us help you build relationships throughout the year.

Here's to an AMAZING 2022

Kimberly Cole, MBA