Ditch the Tie and Get Something He'll Crave! 2018 Father's Day Gift Guide

Ditch the Tie and Get Something He'll Crave! 2018 Father's Day Gift Guide

Kimberly Cole Signature Gifts on Jun 8th 2018

Love, Honor and Respect.  Father's Day is June 17th.  Show your appreciation for the lessons taught and the unwavering support along the way.  Send Dad a basket with his favorite snacks.  We are here to help!

1. The Guinness Beer Basket $54.99


Our classy Guinness Beer Gift Basket comes with a beer glass, Squirrel Brand crme brulee pecans, summer sausage, tomato and basil cheddar cheese, ale dipping mustard and dipping pretzels. And yes, the "Drink good Beer live the good life" mini magnet sign is included.

2. Like a Boss $89.99


A perfect gift for a co-worker, boss or anyone really! This "Like a Boss" water bottle is surrounded by a variety of tasty treats including: Voss Water, Brandini Toffee Caramel Corn, Vanilla Bean Popcorn, Sea Salt Popcorn, Beef Jerk, Pork Protein Bar and Flat Bread Crisps. All of these items are placed in a faux leather magazine rack - great for storage!

3. Moscow Mule - Just Add Vodka! $119.00


It's a Moscow Mule party basket! Comes with a copper shaker, copper mug and snacks galore include Moscow Mule mix.

4. The Beer Bouquet Bud Light $64.99


This is a huge gift! A six pack of Bud Light in this darling manly bouquet holder with a variety of snacks. An impressive gift! See our website for more Beer Bouquet options!

5. Lagunitas Beer Gift Box $34.99


Our "Beer Thirty" glass is the star here, well maybe not. If they're a LAG fan, they may appreciate this oversized, limited edition beer even more!

Visit our website for more Father's Day Gift Options at: http://bit.ly/BestDadEver2018