GRL PWR: Empowering Females

GRL PWR: Empowering Females

Kimberly Cole Signature Gifts on Jan 23rd 2021

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Many mothers bestow on their daughters a special power – the belief that they have the ability to achieve their highest goals, become whatever they believe they want to become and go as far in life as they choose to go. To commemorate our power as females, Wristfully Thinking introduces our exquisite new line of handcrafted bracelets, GRL PWR. Each beautifully constructed bracelet comes in a box accompanied with an empowerment card to remind you of your strength and inner beauty.

The sense of empowerment that is the birthright of every female often gets covered up over time with the cares of the world, chiding remarks from insensitive people, insecurities brought on by ridiculous societal standards and the abuse that comes from that mythical place, the School of Hard Knocks. But here’s a secret: the special power may be covered with muck, but it is still there!

As we bring in new national leadership, including a woman who represents all women let all the women in the nation, rise up and clean the muck from their special powers. Let us remember that we can reach the heights of achievement when we put our mind to it. A Wristfully Thinking GRL PWR bracelet is the ideal way to remind the women and girls in your life of their special power.

A Reminder of Strength
Sometimes we forget about our inner strength. Life has a way of throwing curve balls. We can overcome our obstacles and leap those tall hurdles when we pull on that inner strength; it is there when we need it most. We just need to dig down deep to find it or have a reminder handy as a touch stone.

Your new GRL PWR bracelet will remind you that you have these abilities. Just like a power suit can make you feel confident, large and in charge, your new GRL PWR bracelet will also remind you that you can truly achieve whatever you set your mind to. Only believe it, and you can achieve it.

GRL PWR bracelets are crafted from high-quality gemstones. Made in the U.S.A. they not only serve to remind you of your innate abilities to achieve your dreams, with each purchase a $5 donation is made to a girl or women focused organization. Choose from the list when you place your order.

Start the year off with a reminder of the wonderful abilities and capabilities you and the girls and women in your life have. Order your Wristfully Thinking GRL PWR bracelets today. 

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