The Time is NOW!

The Time is NOW!

Kimberly Cole Signature Gifts on Feb 29th 2020

I am beyond pleased to share that Kimberly Cole Signature Gifts announces the re-branding, re-bounding and re-discovering of a company that has been on the inside of me really since I was 7 years old. I just did not know it . . . it has always been second nature to me. It has been my gift and my purpose all along. I have always had an “entrepreneurial spirit” and the desire to create things that would make people happy and just feel good all around.

It started with the lemonade stands and progressed to discos on my grandma’s porch. We put out flyers – no one came! And my grandma even made sure I had what I needed to make my disco a success, you know, punch and popcorn – the kind you pop on the stove-top with the colored kernels! :) Then I began selling cross stitched pieces, to wreaths to flower arrangements, etc.

In 2001, our first daughter was born, and I was determined to stay home with her. So, I started Confetti Gift Baskets and actually did pretty well. But I lost focus, took a part time job, then a full time job and rented a studio space...all too soon and not in God’s timing. I did not practice patience and did not endure or listen to that still small voice . . . the Holy Spirit. So, I abandoned my dreams and joined Corporate America (again) by the time our second daughter was born.

Fast forward to January 2020, my dream of owning my own gifting company, now Kimberly Cole Signature Gifts, was stronger than ever. I made the decision to follow my dreams and listen to and obey the Holy Spirit. I quit my FT job – with people I loved working with but hated the job itself (there is a difference.) See, it was not my calling. No matter what, if it is not your calling, 100% peace will not be there. Quitting my job seemed crazy (still does if we are being honest) but God said to move and assured me that I was operating in His will. So, I have to do this and feel empowered more than ever.

Last year on March 1, 2019 we received devastating news that my father was going to have to have emergency brain surgery. The diagnosis was lung cancer. We had no idea what 2019 held for us. But one thing we did know and could put our trust in was that our God is a healer and there is power in prayer. That was all we had and that is all we needed. Each month, even right after surgery, my dad became stronger and stronger and more confident that he was healed. Yes, 2019 was an emotional roller coaster, but God prevailed, and my dad made strides that even the medical team was and still is proud of. We give all thanks and glory to God.

So as March 1, 2020 approaches, I have a feeling of happiness, not only because March 1st is my birthday, but I look at March 1st as the beginning of seeing God’s manifested promises. After all, look at how He is continuing to heal my Daddy. So, surely He will allow me to relaunch my company, Kimberly Cole Signature Gifts. This is in HIS timing. I cannot ignore it this time. His Glory, Grace and Mercy are upon me and my business. My business can ONLY be a success. I am convinced that NOTHING is too hard for God.

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My next blog will tell you how I am re-branding, re-bounding and re-discovering myself and my company. Connect with us. You do not want to miss this!