Wristfully Thinking Bracelets


The very best bracelets are more than just bracelets: they speaks to you on a personal level, representing a part of who you are to everyone you meet. At Kimberly Cole Signature Gifts, we get that, and we value your individuality and uniqueness. In celebration of everything that makes you you, we are proud to offer Wristfully Thinking, our line of beaded artisan bracelets.

The Wristfully Thinking collection is a collection of bracelets designed to let you be who you are and express yourself with exuberance! With this collection, the focus is on everything that makes you exciting and special. Most of the bracelets feature charms printed with inspirational messages or other symbols important to you, and each bracelet is one-of-a-kind. You decide what you want your bracelet to be: each bracelet in the Wristfully Thinking collection is custom and the only one of its kind. For that extra sparkle too, you can enhance your bracelet with natural gemstones and crystals! Available for men, women, and children, the Wristfully Thinking bracelets are like nothing else on the market!




 wt-everyday-collection-300x300.jpg        wt-custom-designs-tile-300x300-1-.jpg    wt-having-your-saying2-300x300.jpg
 wt-heartfelt-collection.jpg    wt-birthday-collection-300x300.jpg    wt-spring-300x300-1-.jpg
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